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Specialists in Small Conveyor and Accumulator Solutions

Compact integral drive conveyors • Low profile modular conveyors • Rotary tables

LP Series Makes Pick and Place Applications Easier Compact brushless DC conveyor drives Mini-Mover guides and rails are easily configured LP-cleated-color-pattern Accumulator table moving colored caps Lite Series Conveyors LP and LIte Series Conveyors are Ideal for Punchpress and Metal Stamping Many belting and cleat options for Mini-Mover conveyors Rotary Table Accumulator (RTA) with Stanless Steel top LP Conveyors accept many fixtures and accesssories Compact LP Series Mini-Mover conveyors Fit Anyplace Lite integrted into machine center Easy conveyor integration in multi-cell floor plans rta-and-conveyors made-in-usa-mini-mover System integrators love LP Series Mini-Mover Conveyors Mini-Mover Lite Series Conveyor set up for coding and inspection

LP Series Conveyors

Robotic applications have a cost-effective and highly configurable partner with the LP Series conveyor [Read More]

Upgraded Compact Drives

Powerful, quiet and long-lasting CG Group drives are cost-effective [Read More]

Guides & Rails for Perfect Product Fit

Easily configure our off-shelf Lite and LP Series accessories to fit your product.[Read More]

Small Conveyors Built Your Way

Versatile modules, belting and cleat options for any application [Read More]

Rotary Accumulator Tables

Our PVC-top tables collect and protect work product during overnight operation, surge and transfer functions [Read More]

Lite Series Conveyors

Our most popular and economical design with thousands of units in service [Read More]

LP Series Conveyors

LP and Lite Series ideal for metal stamping and punch press operations [Read More]

Belting and Cleat Options to Suit

Mini-Mover conveyors can be equipped with the belting and cleat options you want.[Read More]

Rotary Table Adaptability

With optional stainless top, the RTA handles gritty lights-out jobs [Read More]

Conveyor Accessories for Many Applications

Whether it's fixtures, guides, brackets or stands - you can accessorize for your configuration [Read More]

Compact LP Series Mini-Mover

Our mini sized LP Series Mini-Mover conveyors fit anyplace needed [Read More]

Tough and Versatile Lite Conveyors

Reliable little Lite Series conveyors are popular for integration into machine centers in tough environments [Read More]

Easy Conveyor Integration

Our small, highly-configurable units can simplify work cell and system design efforts [Read More]

RTA and Mini-Mover Conveyors Team Up

Lights-out is easy with rotary tables and Lite or LP Series conveyors. [Read More]

Made in the USA

Precision machining and conveyor manufacturing since 1949. [Read More]

Integrator's Favorite

Easily customized LP and Lite Series conveyors for amazing applications [Read More]

Lite Series Conveyors Accessorize Easily

With a sturdy Lite Series module, application-specific accessories are easy to add [Read More]

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MINI-MOVER CONVEYORS, a division of Whipple Enterprises, is an industry value leader in the design and manufacture of small, low-profile mini-conveyor conveyors and rotary table accumulators.
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