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Mini-Mover Mini Conveyor Accessories

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At Mini-Mover Conveyors we understand your need to minimize downtime, and keep production moving seamlessly. Should your Mini-Mover Conveyor require a replacement component or conveyor belt, we guarantee quick and convenient customer service.

Drive Accessories

Drive Accessories

Mini-Mover provides a wide variety of optional conveyor drive accessories such as Variable-Speed Controls, Indexing Timers and more.

  • 115 VAC input
  • Conduit Box Options Available
  • Remote Mount Configurations Avaliable
Fixed side guides black and white photo

Guide Rails

Whipple Mini-Movers provides both fixed side guides, and adjustable rail brackets. Small conveyor belts guiderails are constructed of aluminum with a brush finish. They are also available with laminated UHMW product guide surfaces.

• Brushed aluminum finish
• Fixed and adjustable options
• Optional laminated UHMW product guide surfaces

Discharge-ramps black and white photo

Discharge Ramps and Part Stops

Powered conveyor part stops are designed in two styles customized for the Lite Series, and the LP Series small conveyors. Stops are constructed from 1/2" thick x 2.00" height PVC, and they utilize aluminum conveyor brackets for mounting.

Lite Series mini conveyors black and white photo

Conveyor Mounting Brackets

Conveyor mounting brackets mount to existing compact conveyor hole patterns. Mounting brackets are available for the Lite Series small conveyors, and LP Series small conveyors.

• Fixed and adjustable styles
• Installation hardware included
• Mounts to existing hole patterns

Conveyor stands black and white photo

Small Conveyor Stands

Easy to install conveyor stands used to join small conveyors together, or to create long, continuous lines. Small parts conveyor systems stands come in heavy-duty aluminum constructions. Please contact us for size options and pricing.

• Heavy-Duty aluminum construction
• Adjustable height
• Optional locking casters
• Optional cross braces for added stability