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Discharge Ramps and Part Stops

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Portable belt conveyors discharge ramps are positioned to slide products off the end of the Mini-Mover conveyor. Multi-adjustable mounting brackets attach to conveyor side frame.

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Discharge Ramps

Discharge ramps are constructed with PVC tops and include all mounting hardware. These conveyor products are available in a Lite Series style and an LP Series style. more info...

Part Stop

Part Stop

Conveyor part stops are available in two styles. The Lite Series stop mounts to 10/32 thd holes at the mini conveyor idler or drive ends. The LP Series stop mounts to the T-slot profile. more info...

Flap Stops

flap stop for Mini-Mover conveyor

Flexible flap stops can be factory-fitted to a Mini-Mover conveyor equipped with fixed side-guide option. more info...

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