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On your shop floor, the movement of small parts from one stage of assembly to another is easily expedited with the use of our small conveyors and accumulation tables. The modularity and compact portability of our Lite Series and LP Series small parts conveyors make them a favorite in assembly operations where processes may change from month to month or shift to shift.

In some cases there might be an extravagant number of small components required for the assembly of a single product. All of these pieces need to weave their way on a small conveyor that most conveyor suppliers simply cannot accommodate. Our economical conveyor products give you the flexibility to create an assembly line that accommodate your needs. Fit a portable conveyor in to tight spaces and adjust them to incline or decline.

The custom needs of your assembly can be met with our many options and accessories. Examples of such options and accessories include smooth or cleated belts, adjustable guide rails, brackets which mount to existing conveyor hole patterns, and the Razor-Link™ which allows for 90-degree turns on small conveyors. Whether the line runs at a fixed speed or needs variable speeds control at workstations along the line, we have a drive package solution that can meet your production needs. Mini-Mover conveyors are built to order and are easily integrated into existing operations and floor plans.

Lite Series Conveyors in  assembly line

Lite Series Conveyors used to serve workers in an assembly line

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Lite Series

Lite Series mini conveyors black and white photo

Cost-effective choice; modular & rugged for machine shop or harsh environments. Pneumatic motor for combustable product or environment. The best way to move anything from barrel screws to toggle switches.

Low Profile (LP) Series

Lite Series small conveyor dimensions

Lowest profile small conveyor in the industry; adapts easily to integration. Pneumatic motor for combustable product or environment. Moves anything from brake clips to gas caps.