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Accumulation solutions that reduce production time, labor and product loss

RTA unit and linked conveyor
Production efficiency -- whether it's maximizing capacity within a certain machine or along a line of several machine cells -- always includes the best use of material, manpower, movement (of material or product output) and time. Our Rotary Table Accumulator (RTA) units provide the product accumulation or surge that's needed at certain stages of assembly, inspection or sorting operation -- to allow the overall workflow to run smoothly. Our RTAs are ideal to pair with one of our Lite Series conveyors for unattanded parts unloading and product separation, so that sensitive parts are protected and don't need an operator to constantly supervise the machine.

Each Mini-Mover is built just for you and what you need it for. Tell us your idea.

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Popular Applications

RTA with overhead diverters
Frequent applications for Mini-Mover Rotary Table Accumulators (RTA) and companion conveyors (Lite or LP Series) include: parts unloading and separation, product surge or diverting, 90-degree transfers, unattended operation and lights-out operation.