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New: Compact Digital Controller & Brushless DC Gearmotor Kit
An Affordable, Space-Saving Combination for a Wide Range of Speeds

Mini-Mover Conveyors now offers a variable-speed solution that combines precise, stable variable speed control, wide speed selection, torque and cool, quiet operation - all in a space-saving package ideal for tight spaces or designs.

Compact Group DC gearmotor and controller kit Compact vs Regular gearhead

Our new Compact Group drives are available for Lite Series and LP Series conveyors and for all models of our RTA units. The CG group bundles controller and related cabling together a powerful brushless DC gearmotor that's virtually vibration free in operation and allows a very wide speed range selection from just a single gearhead.

The CG's digital, programmable controller is quickly set up, with screwless connection points that allow easy wire insertion. Its intuitive user interface and large display allow users to quickly perform basic and extended function settings.

General Features

  • Power input: 115/50-60/1 VAC and 230/50-60/1-3 VAC
  • Output power 60W, 1/12 hp, 1.7 amps, IP40 rating
  • Easy-to-read digital display on controller
  • Programmable functions, with Dial Lock for frequent settings
  • Supports external I/O signaling equipment
  • Wide speed range
  • Cooler operating temperatures vs. comparable AC motors
  • Includes protective controller enclosure, 9-ft. controller- to-motor cable and 7-ft. power cord


  • Simple to set up
  • No motor maintenance
  • Longer motor runtime and life vs. brushed motors
  • Friendly operating controls for all types of users
  • 23% less energy usage vs. comparable 3-phase AC motor
  • Extremely low vibration, ideal for vision systems, laser coding and ink-jet print applications
  • Precise control of running speed, stops and starts
  • Incorporates easily into tight spaces and compact designs