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Modular Small Conveyors

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Modular small conveyors are a Mini-Mover specialty. Both our Lite Series and LP Series small conveyors are compact, lightweight and highly adaptable modules for both tabletop or production floor usage. Both product lines come with a wide variety of easy-to-mount stands and other options available that make space-saving configurations very easy to fit into existing production line or workstation areas.

Stacked Modular Configuration

Custom Lite Conveyor

Double-stacked Lite Series and LP Series mini conveyor modules with custom mounting for a compact desktop inspection workstation.

Multi-Station Modular Configuration

Multi-Station Modular Configuration

Whether running modules straight end-to-end or for 90-degree turns, the LP Series and Lite Series small conveyors adapt perfectly to compact, ever-changing floor plans.

Cascaded Modular Configuration

Cascaded Modular Configuration

Three 16-inch by 5-foot Lite Series conveyors, cascaded on a decline, for use in an overnight parts accumulation application where floor space was highly limited

The Lite Series small conveyor is our most popular and economical design with thousands of units in service. This modular conveyor offers a 2.5" high, rugged-duty, hard-black-anodized aluminum frame. The Mini-Mover Lite Series comes with standard 0.60" above belt side fences and integral, direct-drive, side mount gearmotors. Additional end drive mounting styles are available on a build-to-order basis.

Both the standard Lite and LP Series mini conveyor sizes range from 2" to 16" in width, and 12" to 144" in length. Drive packages are available in five sizes from 25 to 90 watt, with either fixed or variable speed gearmotors. Conveyor belt options are available in a variety of materials to suit most any application. Extended sizes, DC and pneumatic drives, dual belt and gang-drive small conveyors are available on a build-to-order basis.

Our Low Profile (LP) Series of small conveyors feature an ultra low-profile frame, originally designed for the metal stamping industry. This compact design allows for installations in confined locations and provides added accessibility for workers in assembly, packaging, labeling, and other operations. Mini-Mover Low Profile (LP) small conveyors offer 1.5" high, rugged-duty, hard-clear-anodized aluminum frames. Our Low Profile conveyor offers optional T-Slot side extrusions for simple accessory mounting, and a wide selection of side fence and adjustable guide rail configurations.

For more information on our custom and standard Mini-Mover small conveyors, please contact us.