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Razor-Link™ Feature for LP Series

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Razor Link Option (Volcano, Calif. -- Jan. 12, 2009) Whipple Enterprises today announced production availability of the new Razor-Link™ option for its LP (Low-Profile) Series of Mini-Mover conveyors. Razor-Link™ allows quick and easy modular setup for close-proximity applications, such as multi-station transition, small-parts transfer and 90-degree turns.

The Razor-Link™ assembly features a narrowed nose profile that tapers to 0.8 inch in depth, which allows the conveyor end to touch, or link, to an adjoining station without small conveyor belt interference, unit-to-unit gap or need for bulky mounting hardware.

Razor-Link™ uses a true "roller nose" design that uses two precision-machined aluminum pulleys to provide smooth, bearing assisted small conveyor belt travel. This design boosts energy efficiency, lowers belt resistance and provides structural rigidity. The Razor-Link™ design affords longer component life and operating efficiency vs. the "knife-nose" options currently on the market that exert tremendous friction via belt travel over a rigid end bar. At the user's option, Razor-Link™ can be mounted on one or both small conveyor ends and can be configured for push or pull belt-drive directions.

Razor Link Rollers

With the Razor-Link™ option added to the LP Series Mini-Mover family, the material handling industry now has low-cost and highly configurable building blocks for multi-station floor plans where space limitations call for a mini conveyor setup. The LP Series Mini-Movers also offer one of the lowest-profile product lines in the industry, at 1.5 inches profile height. Additionally, Razor-Link™ pulleys equipped LP Series mini-conveyors easily integrate with Whipple's Rotary Table Accumulators, ideal for unattended operations or overnight usage.

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Celebrating 60 years of continuous service to the manufacturing industry, Whipple Enterprises began operation in 1949 manufacturing precision parts and assemblies for the medical, electronics and aerospace industries. The Mini-Mover conveyor division is the industry specialist and value leader in the design and manufacture of portable and low-profile mini conveyors.

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