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Uni-Mate™ Family

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Affordable Uni-Mate™ Family Saves Parts & Labor for Unattended Machine Operation

Affordable and fully-featured, the Uni-Mate™ from Mini-Mover Conveyors offers accumulation table, Lite Series conveyor, variable-speed function and cycle-timed indexing as standard -- bundled in a single package priced well below comparable competitive offerings.

Uni-Mate 80-032 with double overhead paddles and stationary fence options

Available in three standard table diameters and a variety of popular conveyor dimensions, the Uni-Mate™ package is easy to set up and have running in your work cell in no time. It's portable too, and can provide service to more than one machine on the plant floor, from shift to shift.

In addition to cleated chemical-resistant belting, variable-speed motor control and indexing timer as standard equipment, the Uni-Mate™ also offers many height adjustment ranges and options to suit your product accumulation needs. Choices of conveyors can be from 4" wide to 48" in length, as best suits the space and product requirements.

For more information, visit the Uni-Mate™ section of our website.

Optional Features

  • Conveyor: drip pan
  • Table: drip pan assembly
  • Conveyor and Table: IP-65 waterproof gearmotors
  • Conveyor: Fully sealed U2 conveyor belting
  • Table: Base Extenders for added stability
  • Table: Overhead diverter paddle system, single or double
  • Table Stanless steel overlay
  • Table: Stationary fence option


  • Simple to set up
  • Affordable - Units start at less than $5000
  • Portable - can serve more than one machine or cell in the plant
  • Brushless DC gearmotors offer long runtime and life
  • Friendly operating controls for all types of users
  • Proven conveyor and table reliability in the field
  • Precise control of running speed, stops and starts