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Photo Gallery - Mini-Mover Applications

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Using our three highly modular platforms - Lite Series, LP Series and RTA Rotary Table Accumulators - endless conveying solutions are possible with our units. Whether it's stand-alone use or mix-and-match, our customers across many industry sectors find just the right combination to meet their application needs with our small conveyors and accumulation tables. This photo gallery shows just a small portion of our customers' creative uses for our Mini-Mover product lines. We hope these can show you the variety of configurations and features than can make each Mini-Mover installation uniquely suited to your operations.

Lite Series Mini-Mover conveyor used in robotic screw machine cell

Lite in Screw Machine

LP Series Mini-Mover Conveyor in bag labeling line

LP in Bagger Line

Lite Series Mini-Mover Conveyor - inclined into hopper

Lite Incline w/ Hopper

Lite Series Mini-Mover conveyors inclined into custom line

Lites in Inclined Cell

LP Series Mini-Mover Conveyor in package labeling line

LP in Packaging Line

Rotary Table Accumulator RTA Unloads Machine Cell

RTA Collects Parts

UV irradiation cleaning system using LP Series conveyer at Radio City Music Hall

UV Cleaning System at Radio City

RTA Model 60-032 accumulator table with single-rail stationary fence

RTA with Stationary Fence

Inspection system using dual LP Series conveyors

Inspection System, Dual LP

RTA Model 60-024 accumulator table with drip-pan option

RTA with Drip-Pan

Laser inspection station using LP Series conveyor

Laser Inspection with LP

LP conveyor removes parts from CNC lathe

LP in Machining Center

LP Conveyor in Test/Antenna Station in RFID Manufacturing

LP in RFID Station Mfg

Ink jet coding system using LP conveyor with center guides

Ink Jet System with LP

LP conveyor supports trade show booth demo

LP Conveyor for Trade Show

LP Series Mini-Mover conveyor in punch press operation

LP in Punch Press

Ganged LP Conveyors in Metal Stamping Line

Ganged LPs in Metal Stamping

LP bedplate incorporates vision inspection backlight

LP Bedplate w/ Backlight

Candy-o-Matic demo with six LP conveyors

Candy-o-Matic demo, 6 LPs

Candy-o-Matic demo with six LP conveyors

Candy-o-Matic demo, 6 LPs

Lite Conveyors Integrated into Robotic Cell

Lites in Robotic Cell

Mon-Metal Phenolic Lite Conveyor for Demag

Non-Metal Phenolic Lite for Demag

Ganged LP Conveyors for Parts Transfer

Ganged LPs, Parts Transfer

Conveyor to Accumulation Table

Conveyor to RTA

90-degree transfer with LP Series conveyors

90-Degree Transfer with LP

RTA Stationary Fence Transfer to Conveyor

RTA Bottle Transfer

Lite Series Conveyor with Polycarb Bedplate

Lite with Polycarb Bedplate

12-inch Dia. RTA in Machine Cell

12" RTA in Machine Cell

Transfer with LP Series and Razor Link

Transfer with LP & Razor Link

90-Degree Angle LPConveyor

90-Degree Angle LP

Cleated Belt Conveyor

Incline LP with Cleats

Cleated with Clear Enclosure

Cleated with Clear Enclosure

Pneumatic Conveyor Lifts and Lowers

Pneumatic Conveyor Lifts and Lowers

Custom Lite O-ring conveyor

Multi-Lane Lite Workstation

Custom Accumulation Conveyors

Custom Conveyors

Gang Drive Conveyor System

Gang Drive System

Inclined LP conveyor customized for children's museum

LP for KidsPlay Museum

Child with LP conveyor Photo by Taylor Crichton

LP for KidsPlay Museum

KidsPlay Children's Museum uses LP conveyor as ball elevator

LP for KidsPlay Museum

Lite Series Mini-Mover conveyor with split U1 belt and bedplate window

Lite w/ Split Belt

LP Series Mini-Mover conveyor with split P2 belt and bedplate window

LP w/ Split Belt

Rotary Table Accumulator RTA with Dual Rails

RTA with Dual Rails

Lite Series conveyor with center divider and rough P3 belting

Lite Series with Center Divider

Lite Series conveyor for machine unloading

Lite Series for Parts Unload

LP Series conveyor with four lane dividers

LP Series w/ 4 Lane Dividers

Low Profile Squeeze Conveyor

LP Squeeze Conveyor

LP Series conveyor with four V-style cleats

LP Series w/ 4 V-Cleats

LP Series conveyor with double cleat rows for product placement

LP w/ Double Cleat Rows

LP Series conveyor with fixtures for packaging operations

LP w/ Packaging Fixtures

Two LP Series conveyors with custom single stand

Two LP w/ Custom Stand

RTA + LP Series conveyor teamed for bottle inspection and coding

RTA + LP Coding Transfer