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 CNC parts accumulation with Lite Series conveyor and RTA rotary table

Accumulation - Conveyors, RTA + Uni-Mate

Product collection functions can combine accumulation tables and conveyors; this can include shipping, packaging, and similar activities at an end station on the line as well as a staging point for the next step in the production process. Product collection scenarios also include unattended machine operation during business hours, or lights-out operation after business hours. There’s often an additional need to protect completed product so it's not damaged while it accumulates.


Cleated Conveyor Units

Cleated conveyors are used for separating products, especially in incline and decline applications. Cleats are available on all U1, U2 and U4 style belts. Standard cleat styles are shown below. Although standard cleat heights offer the best pricing, cleats are available in any height up to 2.36". Placement of cleats on the small conveyor belt length (separation) is restricted only by the minimum distance of 2.00". For T-cleat heights greater than 2.36" and for angled cleats, please contact your representative.


Custom Conveyor Units

Our Mini-Mover custom conveyors can be tailored to your needs to move your small products. The essentials include the length and width of your small conveyor as well as height. If you need a conveyor that will fit into some low clearance spaces check out our Low Profile series of aluminum conveyors. A variable speed drive option is available if your production line needs to slow down or speed up to meet the rest of the lines speed. Mount the drive in different positions on the small conveyor and with the appropriate motor voltage. Six styles of belts exist with attributes that are right for your product and that will hold up over time. The incline/decline mini conveyors and the option of cleats allows you to move your product up or down as needed.


Incline/Decline Conveyor Units

The ability to incline or decline your mini conveyor belt gives you the ability to reach those spots on the production line that might be different heights. If you need to move your products up to your trucks or just to the second story of your stockroom just adjust the incline or decline to what is needed. Incline and decline capabilities are available for both the Low Profile and Lite series small conveyors. . Our rotary accumulation tables have adjustable heights to help match the incline and decline of our small conveyors.


Low Profile Conveyor Units

Low Profile mini-conveyors are an ideal solution to move materials through low clearance areas. Height restricted areas might include fitting through a small window or an production area that is tight in space. The maximum load capacity for one of these small conveyors is 150 lbs. If the space allows it add some guardrails to the sides of the small conveyor belts. Depending on the horsepower you need for the drive, the S style side mount will help to minimize the height of your powered conveyor system to as small as 5.05” tall.


Mini Conveyors

Miniature parts and products that need to be moved through an already cramped production facility will be able to weave their way around the floor on a mini conveyor. Dedicating the space of a conveyor belt from other conveyor suppliers is unnecessary. With the reduction of space that mini conveyors gives an outfit can help to increase production capacity for other activities. Mini Conveyor products offered are the Low Profile (LP) Series small conveyor and the Lite Series small conveyor.


Packaging Conveyor Units

Make sure your small packages get where they need to go with their own powered conveyor. A our mini-conveyor products will reliably move your small packages where you need them to go. Our small packaging conveyors offer the accessories that make aid in shipping such as the mounting of a bar code scanner. Part stops and rotary accumulation tables can be used as an end point to the small conveyor setup for a manual packaging of products. Our conveyor products include the Low Profile (LP) Series conveyor and the Lite Series conveyor.

Portable LP conveyor

Portable Conveyor Units

A portable conveyor gives a peace of mind when the burden of moving equipment arises. Your manufacturing operation might be repurposing your equipment and small conveyors to produce a new product, or you maybe you have moved into the larger facility that has been needed for a while now. Whatever the purpose or event a portable conveyor will cut back on the labor cost of having to uninstall your small conveyors.

Tabletop LP Series conveyor

Tabletop Conveyor Units

When space is especially limited, tabletop conveyors are ideal to move your small, delicate products throughout the production process. As the name implies, our customized portable conveyor line can be made small enough to fit on a desk top. When a small component needs to be transported from one spot to another a bulky conveyor belt from other conveyor suppliers becomes a waste of space compared to Mini Mover products.

Modular Small Conveyor

Every production line has its own set of needs, which requires a modular small conveyor to fill that need. Depending on your small conveyor and machine layout, drives can be mounted to be out of the way of the rest of operations. If your product has a possibility of falling of the side of the mini conveyors, we offer rail accessories to mitigate such a problem. Adjustments can be made to give your custom powered conveyors an incline or decline to reach different elevations in your production process.