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Low Profile Conveyor Units

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Low Profile mini-conveyors are an ideal solution to move materials through low clearance areas. Height restricted areas might include fitting through a small window or an production area that is tight in space. The maximum load capacity for one of these small conveyors is 150 lbs. If the space allows it add some guide rails to the sides of the small conveyor belts. Depending on the horsepower you need for the drive, the S style side mount will help to minimize the height of your powered conveyor system to as small as 5.05” tall.

Additional drive options include under mount, over mount and remote mount which allows you to custom your setup to fit your needs. The mini conveyors have a 2" to 16" range in width and a 12" to 144" range in length standard, however custom extended sizes are available upon request. Application examples include assembly, automotive, bottling & capping and cosmetics. Our accessories make them easy to modify for barcode scanning, inspection and inkjet printing.

Low profile corner tier with LP Series conveyor

Low profile corner tier with LP Series conveyor

End-to-end transfer with LP Series conveyor

End-to-end transfer with LP Series conveyor

Low profile conveyors with nitrile belting

Low profile LP Series conveyors with nitrile belting

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Lite Series

Lite Series mini conveyors black and white photo

The Lite Series conveyors range from 18.68" to 145.5" in length standard. The Lite Series mini conveyor can be modified to have a length greater than 144".

Low Profile (LP) Series

Lite Series small conveyor dimensions

The LP Series conveyors range from 17.5" to 143.66" in length standard. LP Series small specialized conveyor belts range from 1.9" to 15.9" in width standard.