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Modular Small Conveyor

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Every production line has its own set of needs, which requires a modular small conveyor to fill that need. Depending on your small conveyor and machine layout, drives can be mounted to be out of the way of the rest of operations. If your product has a possibility of falling of the side of the mini conveyors, we offer rail accessories to mitigate such problems. Adjustments can be made to give your custom powered conveyors an incline or decline to reach different elevations in your production process.

The rest of the modular conveyor option categories are drive packages, motor voltage options, belt options, and conveyor options. The accessory categories are guides & rails, part stops, couplers & drive shaft (LP Series), product indexing timer, product guide cushions, mounting brackets and conveyor stands. The customization allows mini conveyors to fit into tight spaces; and work well for modifications that scan barcodes, ink jet print, bottle & cap and help for inspection.

Mini Conveyor products offered are the Low Profile (LP) Series small conveyor, the Lite Series small conveyor, and the Rotary Accumulation Tables (RTAs). The pairing of modular small conveyors and accumulation tables is virtually limitless. Production lines that require modification monthly or as often as after every shift benefit from the modularity, as well as the portability.

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Small Conveyor Platforms

Lite Series

Lite Series mini conveyors black and white photo

The Lite Series conveyors range from 18.68" to 145.5" in length standard. The Lite Series mini conveyor can be modified to have a length greater than 144".

Low Profile (LP) Series

Lite Series small conveyor dimensions

The LP Series conveyors range from 17.5" to 143.66" in length standard. LP Series industrial parts conveyor belts range from 1.9" to 15.9" in width standard.