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Mini-Mover Conveyors' customer service team is prepared to assist you with parts quotes, orders, warranty inquiries, returned products, and order-status and shipping questions. Our parts and service team works closely with product management to provide prompt technical support.

For the fastest service: Please include your unit's 6-digit serial number when contacting us.

Why We Like Serial Numbers

Each of our conveyor models is built to order. The 6-digit serial number (S/N) on each shipped unit tells us its exact specifications; in turn, the S/N also tells us the exact replacement parts a customer may wish to stock for maintenance purposes.

Based on parts orders we receive, we also maintain a service history of each shipped unit, by S/N -- this not only includes maintenance activity, but also retrofits, or changes, done to a unit that can differ from the model's original factory configuration. Because our conveyors have such a long lifespan, we find that the S/N offers a more accurate means of verifying a conveyor's current configuration; the model number may only reflect how a unit originally shipped from the factory.

Lite Serial Number

Lite Series Serial Number Plate

LP Serial Number

LP Series Serial Number Plate

Parts Lists: Customer Service, at Your Service

For the above reasons, we provide our customers with replacement parts lists according to the serial numbers they provide to us. For customers who wish to stock spares, this careful parts-list preparation saves much time and money in the long term.

Replaceable parts for Mini-Mover conveyors are simple and few, as conveyors go. But since our part numbers are specific to the unit's dimensions and other parameters, there's simply no generic for the replaceable items in the "Routine" and "Optional" spare lists below.

Routine Maintenance Spares

  • Drive Pulley Assembly
  • Idler Pulley Assembly
  • Conveyor Belting

Optional Spares

  • Motor
  • Gearhead
  • Other Drive Package Components (if applicable)

Need a part-number list for your conveyor? Just email our Customer Service Dept. with your serial number(s), or call 800-586-4585.