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Compact integral drive conveyors • Low profile modular conveyors • Rotary tables

Low Profile (LP) Series Small Conveyor Lite Series Small Conveyor

Low Profile (LP) Series Small Conveyor

Light and Modular. Portability and ease of adding sectional lengths make the Low Profile (LP) a versatile investment

Lite Series Small Conveyor

Ready to Run. The original Integrated Drive Lite includes an integral drive package -- no tools or installation needed

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Small Conveyor Platforms

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At Mini-Mover Conveyors, we design Lite Series and LP Series small conveyors and rotary table accumulators built to meet your application needs. Our low profile, modular small conveyor frames outperform and outlast those of our competitors. Our Lite and Low Profile series small conveyor product lines will help improve, and increase your productivity by providing long lasting, quality performance. Our rotary accumulation tables (RTAs) accommodate unattended overnight operation; when equipped with the Stationary-Fence option, our RTAs also serve as surge tables or transfer stations.

Click here to view examples of our mini conveyor modularity.

Lite Series small conveyor dimensions

Low Profile (LP) Series Small Conveyor

When the application challenge is a space-limited floor plan or the need for a highly compact unit there's no low profile small conveyor on the market that's more trim than the LP series family.

Lite Series mini conveyors black and white photo

Lite Series Small Conveyor

Its integral side-mounted drive and built-in side guides make the rugged Lite Series an easy, quick-setup solution -- yet its ability to run 24/7 in even grimy work environments will offer users years of trouble-free service.