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2. Select Belts and Cleats

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The following table shows the most commonly used and cost-effective belting we offer. These selections are comparably priced and suitable for most applications. However, we offer many specialty materials, for uses such as very high temperatures, wipedown, severe chemical exposure and ESD-rated belting for electronics and other static-sensitive environments. Consult with your representative for any questions regarding the most suitable belt material for your application.

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Flat Belting Materials by Model No. Designation

Attributes U1 U2 U3 U4 P1 P2 P3 P4
Top Cover Urethane Urethane Fabric Urethane PVC PVC PVC PVC
Lateral Stability 2 ply polyester 2 ply polyester 2 ply polyester 2 ply polyester 2 ply polyester 2 ply polyester 2 ply polyester 2 ply polyester
Bottom Side Fabric Urethane Fabric Fabric Fabric Fabric Fabric Fabric
Edges Cut Sealed Cut Cut Cut Cut Cut Cut
Color White White White White Black Grey Dk Grey Green
Thickness 0.06" 0.06" 0.04" 0.06" 0.08" 0.07" 0.16" 0.08"
FDA Conformance Yes Yes Yes Yes No No No No
Temperature Range -22° to 176°F 5° to 176°F 14° to 158°F -22° to 176°F -32° to 158°F 23° to 122°F 14° to 140°F 14° to 158°F
Antistatic Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes No
Cut/Abrasion Resistance Excellent Good Fair Good Good Good Excellent Good
Top Surface Medium Gloss Low Gloss Fabric Satin Matte Waffled Waved Grid Smooth
Top Adhesion/Friction Med-Adh

U1, U2 and U4 belts will withstand product temperatures of up to 212°F in applications where product contact is transitory. Temperature values given above are based on continuous or prolonged product contact that elevates or decreases belt material temperature. Contact your representative for assistance with high-heat applications.

Cleated Belts

Cleats (also called carriers) can be added to flat belting in order to separate or support products, especially in incline & decline applications. Cleats are available on all U-style belts except the U3. Standard cleat styles and sizes are shown below, which are those most commonly used. Cleat heights other than those listed here are also available upon customer request. Please contact your sales representative for non-standard cleat configurations.

Cleated Belts

H-Cleat - 90° Upright

Style (h) in. (h) mm
H0 0.16" 4mm
H1 0.79" 20mm
H2 1.18" 30mm
H3 1.58" 40mm
H4 2.36" 60mm
Cleated Belts

K-Cleat - 75° Angle

Style (h) in. (h) mm
K5 0.50" 12mm
K6 1.00" 25mm
K7 1.50" 38mm
K8 2.00" 51mm
K9 2.50" 64mm

Application Suggestions

All Purpose

Food Preparation

Material Handling

Incline & Decline

Special Usage

  • Assembly Line
  • Machine Shop
  • Metal Stamping
  • Packaging
  • Plastic Molding
  • Antimicrobial
  • Bakery Transport
  • FDA Conformance
  • Food Transport
  • Taste-Neutral
  • High Grip
  • Impact Loads
  • Medium Grip